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 A Guaranteed Rodent Removal technician will come to your home or office and perform a FREE INSPECTION for the following. 

·  Removal of all animals


· Complete 100% exclusion (seal) of home or building, to prevent re-entry


· Sanitization, Apply a medical grade disinfectant/deodorizer to all affected areas of home or building


· Clean-up, remove animal feces and contaminated insulation from all affected areas of home or building



A trained Guaranteed Rodent Removal technician will give a no cost inspection to find burrows commonly used by skunks.  We will design a trapping scenario tailored to your conditions. Technicians will trap for a contracted amount of time, removing and releasing an unlimited amount of animals during this period.  It is common to trap non targeted animals (such as Opossum and Raccoon ) and is also common to trap multiple skunks from a single burrow.

Once you have a skunk problem, there are several techniques of removing the Skunk(s) from your home, yard or building. Guaranteed Rodent Removal uses a verity of methods proven to work, i.e.  live animal trapping, home exclusions and more.  We will customize a solution tailored to each application upon your free initial inspection that will Guarantee prompt results and a safe environment.

Our trained and licensed technicians will come to your home or bussiness and perform an inspection, estimate and be ready to start work while on sight. ( NO SALESMAN ) Guaranteed RRS exclusion services are permanent and guaranteed, even if they enter a new hole or create one, without the need of costly quarterly visits.


Call Today for Your Free Inspection