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A Guaranteed Rodent Removal technician will come to your home or office and perform a FREE INSPECTION for the following. 

· Removal of all animals


· Complete 100% exclusion (seal) of home or building, to prevent re-entry


· Sanitization, Apply a medical grade disinfectant/deodorizer to all affected areas of home or building


· Clean-up, remove animal feces and contaminated insulation from all affected areas of home or building

·  Guarantee: Our guarantee will cover your entire living space of home, even new entry points that animals may make.  We do not cover only points sealed but entire home!  this can include a full retreatment, seal and disinfection at no cost.


Guaranteed Rodent Removal technicians are highly skilled at trapping raccoons (even with multiple animals) and will relocate, without harm to raccoon, a safe distance away from your home.  Adult Raccoons have traveled distances of 20+ miles, to return to a den.  Raccoons can cause costly damage to attic spaces and carry many diseases including Rabies and Round worm.  

Once you have a Raccoon problem, there are several techniques of removing the Raccoon(s) from your home, attic or building. Guaranteed Rodent Removal uses a verity of methods proven to work, i.e.  live animal trapping, one way exit doors, home exclusions and more.  We will customize a solution tailored to each application upon your free initial inspection that will Guarantee prompt results and a safe environment.

Our trained and licensed technicians will come to your home or bussiness and perform an inspection, estimate and be ready to start work while on sight. ( NO SALESMAN ) Guaranteed RRS exclusion services are permanent and guaranteed, even if they enter a new hole or create one, without the need of costly quarterly visits.


Call Today for Your Free Inspection